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bellacrazyblack in hoggiewartsrp

Open To Mssr. Regulus Black

Bellatrix wandered into the sitting room at her home and looked around with a disapproving air. She had told those elves to make the room spotless, but she could see a bit of dust on the mantel above the fireplace. Of course, this could just be her way of making an excuse to torture the elves later (not that she needed one), but she swore it was there. She tsked and walked over to the table she had had the elves set with tea. Settling herself in a chair, she summoned one of the house elves.

"Bring Regulus down for tea. And I shall need to have a word with the lot of you later."

The elf's ears drooped as it scampered off to find her houseguest. She had fetched Regulus from Hogwarts the day before and now it was time for their little chat. She settled back and poured herself some tea as she waited, thinking about what she was going to say.


Regulus looked up from his book when the house elf entered the room. So she's ready to talk then? He thought to himself.

"I'll be right there," Regulus assured the house elf as he set down the book. Finally, some straight answers...

Regulus proceeded downstairs immediately, not wanting to anger Bella by making her wait. Regulus smirked as he looked around. He had to hand it to her, she was certainly decorating in the traditional family taste.

"Good afternoon, Bella," Regulus said as he entered the room and took a seat across from her, "Thank you again for having me. It's so good to get away from school if only for a couple days."

Bellatrix looked up from her tea as Regulus entered the room. She eyed him as he walked closely and inclined her head slightly to return his greeting. This one has always seemed smart enough. She contemplated what he was so curious to learn about and hoped that she had assumed right.

"Oh Regulus," she said as she sat her tea cup down, "the pleasure is entirely mine. Now, would you like some tea or would you like to just dig right in?"
"I would love some tea, thank you cousin," Regulus said as he fixed himself a cup. He felt more nervous now than he had anticipated and briefly wondered why. He wasn't completely ignorant to what was going on outside Hogwarts, there were plenty of whispers in Slytherin about that. Regulus' feelings were mixed. He wanted to know what was going on, his curiosity on the subject wouldn't keep quiet any longer. Somehow he felt that this was a big step, but he wasn't sure if it was the right one. Thank Merlin Bella had agreed to speak with him about it. She'd never been anything but honest with him in the past, he was sure he could trust her. At least, as far as you could trust anyone.

Now, how to begin... He wondered as he sipped his still-hot tea.
Bella smiled slightly and watched Regulus as he made his tea. She felt very relaxed and pleased. She had known that Regulus would come around sooner or later. She was very pleased that it had been sooner.

He's much better than his layabout cousin.

She took a sip of her tea and continued to watch Regulus. "Well, cousin, what would you like to begin with?"
Regulus set down his cup.

"Well," He started with far more confidence than he felt, "I was hoping that you could enlighten me as to what's been going on outside of Hogwarts? As I'm sure you can imagine, there has been plenty of gossip... But I perfer a more direct approach, rather than guesses and assumptions."
The edge of Bella's mouth twitched up a little further. She did so love to talk about her work. But she figured it would be best to start slow. She nodded a bit and took another sip of tea before setting her cup down and leaning back in her chair.

"I'm sure you've heard about the attacks on Muggles then? I have to ask, Regulus... what is your stance on them? Muggles, that is." She secretly hid her disgust of just saying that word. She didn't want to influence Regulus' answer either way by showing how she felt in anyway. She had to make sure he was right for this work.
"My stance on muggles?" Regulus said with a frown, "Well, they're rather pathetic aren't they? I mean, they haven't got magical abilities like the rest of us..." Regulus shook his head, wondering what answer was the right one. "Mum's always telling us how filthy they are, disgusting. I suppose they are. They are beneath us."

Regulus looked at Bella carefully, wondering what she was looking for in an answer. "I suppose I mostly just ignore them. They don't really exist to me."

There, that would do. It wasn't completely dishonest either. He really didn't have a strong opinion one way or the other. His mum on one side screaming how inferior they were, and Sirius on the other screaming that they weren't... Regulus had managed to fall somewhere in the murky gray middle, unable to take a firm side in the matter.

Bella's smile grew and she nodded as Regulus finished speaking. It wasn't as strong a response as she would have liked, but it would do.

"You are certainly right, Regulus. Muggles are beneath us and there are those of us that think we shouldn't have to hide from them. Who are they to relegate us to the shadows? They should be the ones hiding from us!" Bella coughed and took a sip of tea. She was getting too excited... she didn't want to scare Regulus off.

"What would you think if I told you there was a group of witches and wizards working towards that very goal? Working to make it so that we wouldn't have to hide who we are."
Regulus gave a small smile, pleased that he had managed to give Bella and acceptable answer.

"I imagine that would be a wonderful thing," Regulus said, "Not to have to hide, or wonder if a muggle sees a bit of magic. Not have to regulate everything so strictly because of them."

Regulus paused, "But then, why don't we do that already? Why do we have to hide what we are? Wouldn't it be much better all around if no one had to hide at all?"
Bella shrugged a bit at Regulus' question.

"It would be best if we didn't have to pretend like we aren't better than them. As you said, they are pathetic. Us hiding from them is even more pathetic." Bella made a face and shook her head in disgust.

"We should be able to do magic when and where we please, yes? It isn't our fault that the Muggles' tiny minds can't handle our abilities." Bella looked Regulus in the eye with a piercing gaze. "We shouldn't be punished for their failings, now should we?"
"Well no," Regulus said, a bit uncomfortable under her gaze, "We should be able to be who we are without hiding it. They should have to get used to us, not the other way around."
"Precisely!" Bella said excitedly. She continued to watch him closely, wondering how he may react to where this conversation was about to go.

"So... this group I mentioned before. They think the same way as we do. They think that we should be able to live as we please. And they are willing to take what could be considered... drastic measures to achieve this goal." She took a slow sip out of her tea cup, never breaking her gaze with Regulus.

"Some of these measures are what everyone has been whispering about. I think it's admirable." She paused here, obviously waiting for Regulus to either agree or disagree.
Regulus took a sip of his tea to buy him a moment before replying. He wondered what drastic measures she was referring to.

"It certainly sounds admirable," He agreed, "If we were able to live free, I imagine it would be worth it in the end."
"The ends more than justify the means, in this case," Bella said with a nod. She set her tea down and stood. She had never been one to sit still for long. She motioned for Regulus to follow her lead and started walking out towards the main entrance, talking as she walked.

"I know, for my part, that I would do whatever is necessary to be free of this oppression. Any pureblood worth their salt should be willing to do everything possible."
Regulus set down his drink and followed her. It made sense, but something was still nagging at him.

"Aren't they being a little...violent about it?" Regulus asked, "Not that it isn't justified, I just wonder if there isn't another way of going about it."
A look of distaste passed over Bella's face. Violent? They were only doing what was absolutely necessary! But instead of striking Regulus as she probably would have done to anyone else, she just shook her head and frowned.

"Not at all, Regulus! Violence is the only thing that works with Muggles. If they wish to get a point across, how do you think they handle it? With a war. And, in this case, war is necessary."
Regulus nodded, remembering how Lily had punched him when she was upset. Maybe violence really is all they understand... All the wars they had, all the fighting between muggles...

"I understand," He said, looking at her and smiling, "It makes perfect sense. They do seem very prone to physical violence to solve their problems."

Regulus felt somewhat relieved. Of course what Bella was saying made sense. Sirius wouldn't understand, he knew that. He felt pain at the thought, but he brushed it away quickly.

"It's like...a revolution then?" Regulus said, growing confident at the idea.
Bella smiled proudly and nodded. "Exactly, cousin. It's a revolution to free us from having to live by their rules." She strolled out into the gardens, beckoning Regulus to follow. It was overcast outside, but Bella enjoyed this kind of weather.

"The group I was speaking of is working to make sure that we of the magical community are the ones running the show. There are those, though, that think we're too.. radical. That things should just stay the way they are." Bella scowled a bit and muttered something about 'dirty muggle lovers' under her breath.

"But our lives and our status will never be improved if we just leave things the way they are. Change is a wonderful thing, Regulus!"
Regulus followed along after her, hoping it wouldn't rain.

"Are you- Are there a lot of people working with this group then?" Regulus asked curiously. It would make sense that Bella was involved, of that he had little doubt. If not directly, she was at least a very big supporter of this new cause. He hoped he wouldn't offend her by being so blunt, but Merlin was it a relief to find someone willing to just speak about it for once, someone who knew what they were talking about. He bet that most of the other Slytherins were merely gossiping, knowing nothing for sure themselves.

"I wonder if Sirius..." He trailed off, unsure of how to finish the thought, "I'm sure mum and dad are in favor of this, yes?"
Bella nodded a bit when he asked if there were many people involved. "There's quite a few, Regulus, quite a few." She wasn't sure if it was wise to let him know how involved she was just yet. Once he had become one of them, then he could know all the details.

She sneered when Regulus mentioned his brother's name. She quickly wiped the sneer from her face, though. She had a feeling that Regulus still had a sense of loyalty or some such thing to his brother. Even if she couldn't understand why, she didn't want to put Regulus off by speaking too ill of Sirius. "Oh your parents are most definitely in support of our cause! As for Sirius... well... his mind has been poisoned by those... friends of his. Your mother has told me quite a bit about them."
"Sirius will be alright," Regulus said, defending him immediately, "He's just confused... I can understand that. But he's still one of us. Sirius is still a Black. He'll come around,"

He has to.

"Yes, his friends are rather irritating..." Regulus muttered. Not that they were that bad. To be fair, they hadn't ever done anything particularly horrible to him. Aside from the teasing. They were Gryffindors, which meant they were foolish but it wasn't like they were evil or anything. He wasn't about to stick up for them, he could care less what Bella thought of Sirius' friends. But he wasn't about to tell her that he actually spoke to some them fairly regularly.

Regulus frowned and quickly changed the subject, "So, what does being in this group mean actually? That is to say, how does one...get involved?" Not that I'm joining up of course, Regulus reassured himself, But it would be good to know... just in case...
"Well there's a bit of an initiation, shall we say." She walked leisurely through the garden and knew that now wasn't the time to go into detail about that. "Once you've gone through that process, you become a member."

She turned to Regulus and smiled. "And, once you're a member, you have the honor of helping set the world to rights." She rested a hand on his shoulder and gave it a squeeze. "It's one of the most honorable things a young pureblood such as yourself can do. I'm sure your mother would approve if you ever decided to join."
Regulus smiled at the thought. His mother approve? And Bella certainly seemed to. He was still unsure, but this movement or membership or whatever they wanted to call it... It didn't sound so bad.

"I'll certainly think about it," Regulus said sincerely, "And thank you Bella,"
Bella smiled and nodded, satisfied that she had planted the seed. She only hoped that it would turn out the way she was planning.

"It's no trouble at all, Regulus. Do let me know if you have anymore questions."