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sly_twycross in hoggiewartsrp

Open to anyone ((hope I post this in the right place ^_^))

Evelyn entered the library, going to check out some last minute resources for a herbology homework assignment. She made her way to the back stacks to grab the book on algae, of course being an "A" it was almost too high for her to reach but she tried for it anyway, "I swear what is the point of stacks this high when no one can reach them, stupid library."

Not wanting to ask for help, she decided to just quickly step on the first two selves, grab the book and be down with it. As she grabbed the book and went to step down, she lost footing, and collided with another human being, before she, and the other, fell to the floor.

After a moment she regained her wits and looked to the person who broke her fall, when she turned she saw...

((sorry for the damsel situation, it seems to work when in a pinch ^_^))


Evan was begrudgingly in the library, looking for books on his latest 'hand it in or I'll make sure you never graduate' essay, when he had become distracted by the mirror he had 'accidentally' pulled out of his pocket. He gazed lovingly into his own eyes until a body crashed into his and sandwiched him to the floor. Feeling disturbed by so much physical contact from someone other than himself and more than a little in pain, he looked up at Evelyn. He swore as he rubbed his head where it had banged against the floor.
"Oh. it's you. Thanks for breaking my fall." She said begrudgingly before getting up and, keeping up with manners, offering her hand to help him.
"Thanks!" he said as he let her help him up, only partially noticing the begrudging tone in her voice (and that part decided to ignore it). "Are you alright?" he asked as he straightened his robes.
SHe nodded, "yes, no thanks to these stupid bloody book shelves that are too bloody tall" kicks the books shelves for good measure, she returns to her normal composure, "Oh, are you okay?"
"Nothing a bit of hairspray won't fix," he said, scrunching his hair a bit. "Oh yeah, and the pain's dying down now," he grinned. "Maybe I can reach the books you need," he said, gesturing to the offending bookshelf.
She looked at him wearily , wondering why he would help her, "Yes, well, it's the one on algae, up there." She pointed to the book, two shelves above her head, "It's the one covered in a green mossy type substance." She tried the smiling thing, happy that she wouldn't have to touch it for now.
Evan wrinkled his nose as he looked up at the book. "Alright." He was just able to reach it. It was all furry and slimy and his expression made it clear he wanted it out of his hand as soon as he touched it. "Here you go," he said, gripping it by his fingertips and holding it out to her.
She grab another random book and ripped out a few pages, then took the algae book from his hands, "Um...thank you..." She looked at him and half smiled, "I'm gonna go put this down before I get sick." She turned and moved quickly to table.
"Good idea," Evan said. "We don't want any vomit adding to the situation." He magicked his hand clean and followed her to the table. "The teachers ought to give out extra marks for dealing with...books like this."
Makes a disgusted face at the book, "Even better, not teaching with this book, or not teaching it at all really." She then took a seat and pulled out the necessary items for work, "Have you done this yet for class, or are you waiting til after like usual?"
"Aah...well, I was thinking I might try to do it on time, but now I'm wondering if I want to do it at all," he said, giving the book a jab with his wand. Its moss seemed to grow twice its length after that, making his eyes widen to saucer size. He quickly shoved his wand in his pocket.
She slapped his arm lightly, "Don't touch it, it just makes it worse, lets try this." She flicked her wand at it and the book opened magically. She examined the book to look for anymore growth and found none, "There, just do it that way, it stops the growth and our gag reflex."
Evan watched her open the book and nodded, impressed. "Such wisdom in the face of grossness," he said, sitting down next to her and examining the book, too. "Maybe I should take this opportunity to make notes from it, too. My will to come back and look at this another time is practically zero."
She looks a little surprised that we he would voluntarily sit next to her, "yes...maybe you should then." She looked at him, "Did you bring your materials?"
"I've got some parchment somewhere," he fished around in his bag and then pulled some out. He readied his quill, then his face went blank for a moment. "What was the topic again?"

((Sorry I took so long! Couldn't go on my computer for a couple of days T.T))
She sighed, really hating herbology, "The healing properties of algae and 2 potions it can be added to... I swear people in this school have death wishes..." She sighed once more and turned that pages with her wand again to the right pages, "how about this you find 2 properties I'll find another two. Then you find one potion, I'll find one potion and then we just copy off each other? Sound good?"
"Half the work each? You're a genius," he said, smiling brightly and feeling a lot better about doing the essay. He wrote the topic at the top of his parchment and searched the open book for the right information.
She smirked, "Yes, I know this, now hurry up I don't want to be stuck here all day with this..." motions to the book, "...thing...merlin I can't get over the grossness of this...this...book...thing...ew"
He lauged. "Yes, it has to be the grossest book I've ever come into contact with." Taking her advice, he quickly scribbled notes in almost illegible handwriting. "Don't worry - I'll write it out neatly once we've done with the book, so you can understand it," he said.