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naveevan in hoggiewartsrp

Tonight's Chat

Where: Slytherin common room, then magically transferred to a corridor
Who: Regulus, Evan, Alice and Remus

Regulus: *catching up on homework in the Slytherin common area*

Evan: *wanders down from his dormitory, handheld mirror in front of his face, completely absorbed in his reflection. accidentally bumps into Reg's chair as he's not looking where he's going*

Regulus: *looks up and sighs* Helllo Evan

Evan: Whoa, sorry Regulus! *almost drops his mirror...clutches it tightly to his chest*

Regulus: Better now break that, seven years bad luck. *smirks*

Evan: Is that true? Sounds about right... Very precious objects, mirrors.

Regulus: *rolls his eyes* To some people I'd imagine

Evan: Yes... *ponders and looks a bit daft* Not everyone must love mirrors. Some people probably can't stand looking in them. *makes a 'yuck' face*

Regulus: Yes, *deadpan* I simply cannot stand looking in mirrors.

Evan: *raises an eyebrow, his little mind racing to figure out if he's serious or not* You're joking, right? You're pretty good looking. Not as good looking as me, of course, but still.

Regulus: Well, there aren't many that can compete with you.

Evan: I know, right? *strokes his hair a bit, dreamy look on his face. softly, half to himself: * Perhaps no one...

Regulus: *rolls his eyes, again* You realize you're just a touch arrogant, right?

Evan: *looks back at Reg* Yeah, who cares? I'm allowed to be. *gestures to his face and figure, grinning*

Regulus: *doesn't know how anyone can be that self-absorbed* Right... So how are classes going?

Evan: *shrugs* Boring as usual... *sits down next to Reg* McGonnagal is getting annoyed because I haven't handed in an essay from a month ago...

Regulus: Has she given you detention or anything for it?

Evan: She said she will if I don't hand it in by next week. *sigh* So mean...

Regulus: Well, if you don't hand it in we just may have detention together.

Evan: You've got detention? *sympathetic face* How'd you manage that?

Regulus: *slightly flushed* Er, I got caught in the kitchen.

Evan: *laughs* Sneaking food? *shakes his head as if in disbelief*

Regulus: *continues walking down the hall* Would you believe it wasn't my fault?

Evan: The house elves tied you up and carted you down there against your will?

Regulus: *smirks* No, not the house elves. It's certainly not my favorite place to hang out.

Evan: *laugh* I wouldn't think so. So why were you there, then?

Alice: *walking thourgh the halls, reading one of her essays*

Regulus: *shrugs* Promised someone I'd go.

Remus: *on patrol*

Evan: *hands on hips* Why are you telling me these little tidbits and not getting to the point?

Regulus: Because I know it annoys you. *grins*

Evan: *puppy face* Why would you want to annoy me?

Regulus: Well, to be honest there's nothing else to do right now. And it's just so easy.

Evan: Is it, now? *narrows eyes* You should appreciate my company more, you know. *big smile*

Regulus: *wishes he had the company of someone slightly less conceited* Are you going to be gracing us all with your company at the dance? *continues walking down the corridor* *smirks* I hear Severus is going too.

Evan: *laughs quite wildly* Severus? Really?! *doubles up*
Regulus: *grins* Yes, actually. That's my good dead for the month.

Alice: *walking behind Regulus and Evan, still reading her essay but finding their converstation much more interesting*

Evan: *recovers a bit* Yes, I'm sure the school will be so happy that you're inflicting his gloomy presence on the dance!

Regulus: With any luck he'll try to have a little bit of fun. Though I think I may be expecting far too much.

Evan: I think you might be. You dream big, that's for sure. I don't think I've ever seen him even smile!

Regulus: Neither have I. *looks to his right and catchs Alice in his peripheral vision* *leans over to Evan and whisphers* I think we're being followed. *grins*

Evan: *peers at Alice over his shoulder* What should we do?

Regulus: Being tailed by a Gryffindor? Oh, there are so many choices... *smirks*

Remus: *walking along all by himself*

Remus: *not watching where he's going and runs into somebody or other*

Someboy or another: *clearly annoyed* Watch where you're going.

Remus: You could too. *walks off*

SOA: *shakes a fist angrily at him*

Remus: *walking so cannot see the angry fist shaking*

Evan: *shakes his head and sighs* Poor thing. Maybe we should make her feel better about her crap house. Wait - what's wrong with Gryffindor, anyway? I've never really understood it... *ponders and looks daft again*

Regulus: *sighs* I shouldn't have to explain this to you. We're rivals. We're better than them. That's all you need to know.

Evan: Well, yeah, any house with me in it is better. But they're alright, aren't they?

Regulus: No, not really. *looks up ahead and spots Remus* Look, there's more. *shudders*

Evan: *looks in Remus' direction* I think I have a class with him... *can't remember...was too busy looking in the mirror at the time*

Regulus: *glaring at Remus without realizing it* He's a prat. You aren't missing much by not knowing him.

Evan: *notices the glare* Ooh you really hate him, don't you?

Alice: *holding her tounge while she's listening to them*

Regulus: He isn't my favorite person, that's for sure. Mostly by his own doing, I'd like to add. *turns to look at Alice* Just in case you're taking notes back there.

Evan: Fair enough. *looks back at Alice and gives her a brilliant smile* Enjoying the show?

Alice: I'm reading an essay for your information, not taking notes. *annoyed face* And oh, yes it's great. *sarcasm*

Regulus: It must be a fantastic essay for you to be able to follow our conversation so dilligently.

Evan: All essays are boring. I really don't blame her.

Remus: *perfect and sweet and loveable*

Regulus: You find everything but yourself boring, Evan.

Remus: *notes the slytherins and alice but doesn't say anything to them*

Evan: Not *quite* everything. *still smiling* Though I am the most interesting.

Regulus: *is still walking down the hallway, ya know, where Remus is* Well, I'll grant you that much. Wouldn't you agree? *said to Alice, though he has no idea what her name is*

Alice: I've met people more intresting.

Evan: But not as beautiful! *winks. magical attractiveness powers emnate*

Regulus: You're just going to egg him on you know.

Remus: *walking and trying to ignore*

Alice: *shurgs and stays quiet*

Evan: See! There's no denying that, is there? *self-satisfied smile*

Alice: I didn't confirm or deny it.

Evan: *expansive hand gesture* Your silence spoke a thousand words.

Regulus: *still glaring at Remus but listening to Evan and Alice*

Remus: ... *glances over at regulus*

Regulus: *Still annoyed from their last encounter*

Alice: Maybe you're a bit too conceited. *frowns*

Evan: Uh, no such thing, yeah? *gestures proudly from the top of his hair to his shoes*

Remus: *thinks regulus is amusing*

Regulus: *wishes all kinds of bad things on Remus*

Alice: Yes, there is such a thing.

Evan: *disbelieving* No way.

Alice: *amused that he's so suprised* Yes, way.

Evan: *waves his hand dismissively* You're bonkers.

Remus: ... *starts walking again*

Alice: *shurgs*

Regulus: *hexes Remus's bag to rip open on the bottom* *smiles, feeling slightly better now*

Remus: ... *has no trouble figuring out where that came from; picks his books up*

Remus: That's attacking a prefect. What's that, five points from Slytherin? *fixes the bag*

Evan: *blinkblink* Did you do that Regulus?

Regulus: *shrugs, clearly not bothered with the loss of points* Technically, it was an attack on a bag. You are, I believe, unharmed?

Regulus: *shrugs*

Remus: Oh, well, technicalities. Too bad I already deducted the points.

Regulus: Too bad I really don't care.

Alice: *sliently cheering on Remus*

Remus: *laughs* Of course you don't. What are a few more points.

Evan: *sighs, shaking his head. finds even schoolyard politics boring. taps his foot lightly, hands on hips, waiting for this to finish*

Regulus: *assumes Remus somehow knows and is referring to the fact that he lost house points yesterday* *shrugs* I can make up 15 points easily enough.

Remus: Not if you keep this up.

Regulus: What's it to you, anyway? *glares* And how exactly did you find out? Talking to portraits like Sirius? *wonders exactly how much he knows*

Evan: *sighs loudly and stamps his foot in impatience* Points are for squares, anyway! *stalks off to the bathroom to check himself out in the big mirrors*

Remus: It's nothing to me. Just offering my opinion.

Regulus: I'm pretty sure I never asked for it.

Remus: So?

Regulus: So I don't see why you feel the need to give it. Haven't you better things to do with your time than check up on me?

Remus: Loads of better things to do. But since I'm here and you are destroying my things, I figured I might as well. Something to report back to your brother.

Regulus: Obviously you've kept tabs on me before now, or you wouldn't know about the points from the other day. What I don't understand is why. Surely there is better gossip in this place than what I did to lose 10 points?

Remus: Oh, believe me. I don't go out of my way to keep tabs on you, as you say. I just ... come across the information.

Regulus: *crosses his arms* Oh? And how might that be?

Remus: A variety of ways that you shouldn't worry about.

Regulus: Right. *now just a touch paranoid* You really shouldn't talk to those portraits. Sometimes they lie.

Remus: I don't talk to portraits.

Remus: Well, sometimes I do. But mostly they just gossip.

Regulus: *doubts the Professor would have said anything* So then you stoop to talking to house elves? That's almost worse.

Remus: House-elves? Where on earth would I find a house-elf to talk to?

Regulus: *just glares because he can't figure out what the hell is going on*

Remus: *heheh* You should be careful, your face might stick like that.

Regulus: And yet I would still look better than you. *smirks*

Remus: That's all well and good for those in the world who are fond of looking at pretty little inbred mutants.

Regulus: You do realize that Sirius comes from the same household, no matter how much you might like him? I guess he's just a pretty little inbred mutant as well then?

Remus: I've probably told him as much.

Regulus: I suppose he's just a glutton for punishment to pick a friend like you. *clearly disgusted with him*

Remus: *isn't phased* Obviously.

Regulus: You know, making friends with those above you isn't going to improve your social standing, You're just going to drag down those around you.

Remus: I'm perfectly fine with my 'social status.' And I'm rather sure my friends are too... And hey, that even includes Emmeline.

Regulus: *smirks* Yes, well I think you'll have to start getting used to sharing her.

Remus: Sharing? I wasn't aware she was mine to share, but I will keep that in mind.

Regulus: *wants to hurt him, so very, very badly* You have a wonderful ability to take everything the exact wrong way, you know that?

Remus: Do I? I always thought it was the gift of elusiveness.

Regulus: Just keep your "elusiveness" away from Emma and me at the dance. *smirks*

Remus: Oh, how cute. You two are going to dance.

Regulus: As a matter of fact we are. So I'd appriciate it if you would back off a little. I'm sure you wouldn't want to ruin the evening for her.

Remus: Back off... That would imply being in a state of non-back offedness.

Regulus: Well you seem to be interested in keeping tabs on me. Or at least when I lose points. Maybe we can come to an agreement? I'll go my way, and you can go your way and never come back.

Remus: Ah, younger Black. Are you worried?

Regulus: Whatever for?

Remus: *shrugs* It was a broad statement.

Alice: *is still standing there listening to the two go back and forth*

Regulus: I'm only trying to prevent a future headache. *shrugs* That's all.

Remus: Well, that seems unlikely to happen.

Regulus: That is unfortunate. *sighs*

Remus: I suppose so.

Regulus: *having nothing more to say to Remus, turns to Alice* Aren't you ever going to go away?

Remus: Leave her alone.

Alice: I'm free to stand where I like. I like to observe.

Regulus: Why should I? She's been standing there listening for ages and for no good reason. To observe? Don't you have anything better to do?

Remus: Maybe your paranoia is just too entertaining, younger Black.

Alice: No, actually I don't. I've finished all my homework and it doesn't matter anyway. This is a hallway, I can stay here if I'd like.

Regulus: *rolls his eyes* I am not paranoid. But I do not like being followed around for someone's amusement.

Alice: I wasn't falling you for your information! I was walking along the hallways and I happened to be behind you two.

Regulus: Yes, and you happened to never leave.

Alice: Well, I got intrested in what you were talking about and then Remus came along and then you two got into a row and I didn't want anyone to get hurt. I'm sorry, I have concern for people. *annoyed*

Regulus: Typical.

Remus: *smiles* How dare you, Alice.

Regulus: Don't worry, I won't hurt him. You can leave now.

Evan: *saunters back over to the scene looking sleepy but extremely happy *

Alice: *raises eyebrow* And you think I can trust you? Not that I don't think Remus can handle himself against you but I don't feel like having to hear that you got hurt. I'd feel bad, even if I find you annoying.

Remus: *chuckling quietly*

Regulus: Don't worry, the feeling is mutual. *sneers*

Evan: *incredulous* Are you lot still arguing?

Regulus: No, Evan. We're having a party.

Lunasaurous: Evan: You should be. Life's too short to waste bitching at each other.

Remus: He's wasted a good long time just now.

Regulus: Yes, well I've had company, haven't I?

Alice: And who brought on the aruging? *arms crossed, annoyed*

Regulus: I haven't the foggiest. I'm pretty sure I didn't start the conversation.

Evan: I bet you haven't been arguing at all... You've been having a threeway in the middle of the hall! Tut tut! *shakes head*

Remus: Ugh.

Regulus: *sighs*

Regulus: As if I would touch either one of them.

Alice: You tore Remus' bag! How could you even try to blame me or Remus? *points at Evan* And shut up you!

Regulus: I have no idea what you're talking about. *shrugs*

Evan: *hands up, backs up a bit* Woah there, Miss Angry

Alice: *takes some deep breaths and stays silent with an annoyed look on her face*

Regulus: *shrugs* I have better things to do then argue with you two.

Regulus: I'll see you later, Evan.

Evan: Laters! *big smile and wave*

Regulus: *just leaves*

Evan: *gets out a handheld mirror and starts fiddling with his hair*

Alice: *raises eyebrow at Evan* You're off, you know. I've never seen someone look so much at themselves.

Evan: *looks over the mirror at her* Have you ever seen someone as good looking as me?

Alice: Loads of people. *frown*

Evan: *clearly doesn't believe her* Whatever.

Alice: Sad that not everyone thinks you're as nice looking as you think you are?

Evan: *shrugs* Only sad for their apparent lack of eyesight. Poor things.

Alice: My eyesight's just fine.

Evan: *sigh* Each to their own, I guess... Plenty of people agree with me, though. *smiles at his reflection in the mirror*

Alice: *muttering, inaudible* Someone other than yourself?

Evan: What's that? *quirks eyebrow*

Alice: Oh, nothing.

Evan: *brightly* Okay. *eyes her feet* I like your shoes, by the way.

Alice: ...Okay? Thanks, I guess. *a tiny bit confused*

Evan: Where'd you get them?

Alice: A store in Diagon Alley.

Evan: Was it Florence's Fantastic Footwear? That shop is amazing.

Alice: I think so, I got them awhile ago...

Evan: Well, I'm not surprised you held onto them. *eyes back on the mirror. fluffs his hair a bit*

Alice: Uh, thanks. *feels awkward*

Evan: You're welcome. *doesn't take his eyes off his reflection* I wonder what I'd look like with glasses...

Alice: Umm, well I'll be off. *raises eyebrow, walks away*

((Hi guys! I'm new *waves*))