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caustic_prince in hoggiewartsrp

Who: Severus and Lily
Rating: TBD
Complete: Nope

Severus stood beside the Quidditch pitch, waiting for the Herbology class to finish. The sun was beginning to set, and the wind had developed a bite as the warmth from the day faded. He was looking for one Gryffindor in particular, and his gaze kept darting back to the greenhouse, watching for a flash of red hair. He'd been outside every one of her classes today, but somehow when he saw her the nerve failed him and he walked away, head down, hoping nobody had seen him. As the cold began to seep beneath the school cloak, he grimaced, and swore silently at Regulus in his head, warming himself on the many ways he could make the younger boy suffer. There would be no need to go through all of this if Black hadn't meddled.


"A fourth year?" She said trying not to laugh. "Must have been some pretty bossy fourth you to get you to go. I can hardly get you to do things, let alone laugh. So whose the girl the girl that has you wrapped around your finger." She questioned a bit intrigued of the thought that Severus Snape will be attending a dance, let alone one known for being mushy.
Severus looked over at her in surprise - had he mentioned a girl? "No, no girl" he said with a frown, shaking his head. "Regulus. The imbecile cornered me into agreeing - he's taking some Hufflepuff and wanted the company."

He sighed, wondering for the hundredth time how the hell he'd let it happen. Must have been distracted.
"Regulus?" She didn't expect that, but looked over at him with a small smirk. "Maybe he wants you to go so he can sneak off and snog you in the dark." Lily tried not to laugh, but it showed on her face how much she wanted to.
Severus sat bolt upright, and stared at Lily, flushing red. "I...No, he's going... Lily!" he protested, glaring at her. Of all the...
"Oh get off it, Severus." She said finally laughing, more at his reaction though. "I hope you don't think I was serious."
"No, of course n..." he trailed off helplessly, wondering how the hell he'd been distracted when he'd had the whole conversation so close to asking her.

With a sigh he flopped back onto the grass - a very un-Snape-like gesture, and looked over at her, suddenly tired of the whole thing.

"Want to go with me?" he asked halfheartedly, wondering how he was going to explain to Regulus that he couldn't go because she'd laughed at him and given the 'friends' speech. God, he couldn't bear it, he could just see Black laughing at him now. He ran a hand over his face and shook his head, laughing self depreciatingly. "You know what? Nevermind. Sorry" he mumbled, mortified he'd actually gone through with something so... Gryffindor.
She didn't expect that, she only assumed he would go and stand in the corner loathing the whole event. Opening her mouth to speak, she was cut off by him retracting the offer. Slumping down a bit she leaned over him raising her brow. "That was a tad rude not letting me answer."
"Probably" he agreed, voice muffled through the hand on his face. Moving it down so he could see, he suddenly realised she was leaning over him. He blinked up at her, surprised, and tried to work out if she was genuinely annoyed he'd even asked in the first place, but her face was in shadow.
"Would you have said yes?" he asked, less afraid to hear the rejection now it wasn't quite so direct.
Thinking about it a moment, she leaned back. "More than likely." She said breifly before continuing pulling at at strand of misplaced hair. "I'd rather go with you than someone who'd try something."
Severus nodded automatically, before his eyes widened in surprise and he sat up, looking at her. He was about to ask again when the second half of her little speech registered, and he scowled at her. "How do you know I wouldn't try something" he demanded, a touch offended.
"You would have by now." She said simply, laughing just a bit. "Considering how many times you've been alone with me. I truly doubt you would do something in front of the whole school."
It was hard to argue with that logic. So, Snape didn't try. Instead he nodded morosely in agreement, wondering why he'd never tried anything, and why Lily had felt it necessary to stomp all over his manhood.

"Want to go with me, then, since your virtue will be safe and sound?" he asked again, expecting a different answer this time, but not entirely sure it was the one he wanted. She was never going to see him like... that. He wasn't exactly sure what 'that' was, but he was fairly certain it was where he wanted to be. And where he was never going to get.
"Of course." She said smiling, leaning back on her forearms. Laughing after moment, she looked over towards him. "It's so much easier when you don't have ask someone you fancy. And you don't have to worry about getting me angry when you sneak of with Regulus."
Severus couldn't be certain, but he was fairly sure a small piece of him died when she said that. Apparently there were two ways he could take it - either Lily was a closet sadist, or she had absolutely.no.idea. He was leaning towards the latter.

"You'll have to distract his date then" he joked feebly, and even attempted a smile.
"That shouldn't be too hard." Lily smiled and laughed. "I mean, how difficult would it be to strike up a conversation with the girl?" Then again if they found interest in Regulus, she wasn't too sure, though Lily could be quite personable.