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rab_lives in hoggiewartsrp

Open to Anyone

Regulus kicked a stone along his path and watched it skip a few feet away before it collided with a tree. It was actually sunny out for once, and though still a bit cold it wasn't ridiculously so.  Unable to spend another minute inside the library he decided to go for a walk around the grounds. He'd been in a foul mood all day, and was attributing it to a bad case of cabin fever.  His classes were boring, his friends were either up to their ears in schoolwork or busy chasing after girls and the people who were around....well, they weren't worth being around.

Except maybe Emmeline. She didn't seem so bad. She was pretty, and she was actually nice to him from the start. (A big plus when you're in Slytherin) And at 14, what other qualities was he really looking for?

Regulus kicked another stone, though quite a bit harder and listened as it skipped along....and hit someone in the leg.


Emma had decided she needed a walk to clear her head. She was all caught up on her work but her head was filled with crazy, mixed up thoughts. Most of them involving the brothers Black. She sighed as she tucked her hands into her pockets. She knew Sirius was a lost cause, though he turned out to be a brilliant friend and she was more than glad for it. And then there was Regulus. He was nice enough, especially when one considered his house. And though they didn't agree on it, he had read her favorite book and was capable of keeping up in a coversation about it. Maybe he was someone to get to know better...

A stone hit her in the leg and she looked up to see who it was. Figures it would be one of the two people she was thinking about. Her luck was generally like that. "Hey." She smiled softly.
Regulus sighed inwardly. Of course it had to be her.

"Hello," he replied, "Sorry about that...Didn't think anyone else was out here."
"It's alright," she said. "I thought everyone would be inside doing work." Emma didn't make a comment about being done or go so far as to ask him why he wasn't one of those being studious. It wasn't really her business.
Regulus shrugged. "I needed to get some fresh air," He said, looking around, "Still a little cold though."
She nodded. "Not terribly. I can't wait for spring, though." Emma smiled. "Were you walking this way?" she said indicating the path in front of her.
"Well, yes but..." Regulus hesitated, "If you just want to be alone I can go walk back that way."