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caustic_prince in hoggiewartsrp

Who: Snape et al
When: The morning of the Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw match 
Where: The Great Hall

Severus looked down at what had once been his breakfast, but could now only be described as a conglomerous lump. He let the spoon drop from his fingers, appreciating the pattern the tiny milk droplets made on the arm of his neighbour, as the boy continued his conversation with a pretty little fifth year, before pushing the bowl away. He didn't stand immediately - the necessary effort seemed proportionately too large for the task - instead choosing to sigh as he haphazardly pushed his hair out of his eyes. 

The raucous at the next table was enough to make him wince, but after a moment's deliberation the need to barricade himself in the dungeons to avoid the quidditch match won over his distaste at walking past a table full of Gryffindors. A table of disgustingly cheerful, wide awake Gryffindors. He scowled and stood, climbing out from the bench without a word of farewell to his fellow housemates, and began to make for the door. Severus Snape was not a morning person.


James was slumped forward, listening to his fellow housemates chattering on. He was not in a particularly good mood, even with the talk of Quidditch floating around. Recent events had put him in a very sour temperament. As he sat there, blocking out the chatter, he noticed a familiar figure walking by the table. A slow grin spread across his face as he thought of the perfect way to try and cheer himself up. He took his wand out and pointed it at Snape.

Nearly to the doors, Snape squared his shoulders just a fraction, relieved that he'd managed to get by without any... His world was suddenly a roaring hell, as he was unceremoniously drenched with an icy torrent of water. He swore, spinning around and glaring furiously at the Gryffindor table as he hunched his shoulders, shrinking into himself. His cheeks began to heat in humiliation as he stood there dripping, the entire Great Hall looking at him, and he wondered how anyone could be so hated as the Marauders and not spontaneously combust.
James roared with laughter, slapping the table in his mirth. The sight of Snape dripping with water was enough to pick up his mood instantly. He turned one of the napkins and transfigured it in a red and gold towel. He tossed it at Snape and snickered.

"Probably the first shower you've had in awhile, eh Snivellus!"
Severus dropped the towel as though it had teeth, taking a step back as he glared furiously at the perpetrator of his current state. "Sod off, Potter" he snarled, almost shaking with fury as the Hall erupted around them.

He considered hexing James into a week at the hospital wing for a long moment, then his eyes flickered to the table of Professors, many of whom were trying to contain their laughter. Detention for a month wasn't worth the temporary pleasure he would get from turning that cocky Gryffindor inside out - he would have to plan it more carefully than that.

With an ugly sneer he turned and stormed towards the doors, leaving the towel and a trail of water in his wake.
Lily stood up from the table. "Why do you always have to be a bloody prat Potter?" Breakfast wasn't even over with and she could tell today was going to be a horrible day. "He did nothing and there you go shooting off your wand." She stated loudly as she stalked passed him and out of the Great Hall.

Leaving the Great Hall, Lily around around to see if she saw Severus. If it wasn't for James, she probably wouldn't have known where to start looking. Luckily, there were wet footprints on the stone floor. Following the watermarks, Lily eventually caught up to him "Severus..."
Hearing the fast paced footfalls behind him, Severus swore under his breath, steeling himself for the jeering voices of Potter and his cronies. It came as a surprise, then, when a slightly out-of-breath Lily called out his name. He winced, but slowed down, cheeks beginning to flame red.

It was bad enough being harassed in front of the entire Great Hall, but if Lily had seen it too? The humiliation was almost too great to bear.

Taking a deep breath he turned to face her, fiercly studying the windowsill behind her left ear. "If you are here to offer sympathy, I suggest you remain silent." He mumbled, unable to meet her eyes.
"Severus!" Lily had to admit, she wasn't the least bit shocked by his tone. "I suppose you were just going to sulk off to your dorm then. Hmm? Ignore the fact that you made plans with me to study during the quidditch match." Dropping her hip that her hand was resting on, she watched him for a moment before continuing. "He's a prat, Sev."
"You're telling me" he muttered under his breath, looking down at his soaked robes with distaste.

With a grimace he finally met her gaze, looking ashamed. "I hadn't forgotten, I was merely going to find something less sodden to wear" he protested, not willing to admit that she may have had a point. "In case it wasn't blindingly obvious, I'm in no fit state to enter a library."

He crossed his arms defensively, a small shiver running through him as a draught in the hall ran through his dripping hair.
"Couldn't just use a charm of some sort?" Lily said moving in trying to warm him up a bit. "Unless you enjoy walking through the cold castle in robes that are probably soaked to the bone." She didn't understand the way boys thought. Then again each seemed to be more melodramatic than the next.

She was chewing her bottom lip at this point, he didn't need any more criticism. "Would you rather stay in your common room? I could study on my own."
Severus's eyes went wide as Lily moved closer to him, and he stood there for a moment, mouth partway open before he jerked back, cheeks already flaming. He closed his eyes for a moment, and swallowed heavily, wishing fervently (not for the first time) that he wasn't so awkward with other people. He just... reacted, without thinking, and it was always the wrong reaction.

"I... no, of course..." he listened to himself stutter incoherently for a few moments, feeling almost physically sick with humiliation, before he stopped himself through sheer force of will. His left hand clutched his potions book, the only dry thing within three feet of his being, save for Lily, as his right came up to pinch the bridge of his nose.

"What I was attempting to say was that you are quite right, a charm will be sufficient for the time being. I shall of course be accompanying you to the library - I made the commitment, and will honour it." Severus said in a very good imitation of his usual clear, low voice, eyes still closed.

When he opened them, it was to smile thinly at the redheaded girl before him, and he wondered why she still bothered associating with him.
Taking a step back, Lily reminded herself once more that Severus wasn't one for physical contact. Then again, for Lily it would be easiest for her to think if the majority of students would enjoy something, Severus wouldn't.

Through a bitten lip, Lily smiled as he stumbled through his words. Always adoring those rare occasions when he seemed to loose his words, mostly because he would fluster and any day a boy fluster is a fine day by Lily.

"You don't have to make it sound as though I have a wand to your throat." She teased lightly, as she smiled back. "You should probably get dry soon before you get sick."
Severus blinked at her for a moment, before relaxing into a rather small, self depreciating smile. "Of course. Forgive me. I had not meant to imply that it would be anything less than an honour."

He cast the drying spell, scowling as all of his clothing and hair became statically charged, and pulled out a leather thong to tie it back.

"Shall we?" He asked, indicating the general direction of the library as he began to walk.
She didn't say anything. In fact, she felt a bit awkward by the whole situation. Shifting in place as Severus dried himself with a charm, she looked up at his hair as he tried to manage it. Smirking lightly, she followed him towards the library. After a few moments, she broke her silence. "Did you attempt the Invigoration Draught yet?"
"About a month ago. Slughorn hinted that we would be working on it in class later in the year, and there was a hosmeade visit..." he trailed off, aware that once again, he had brought up how incredibly socially inept he was.

"What do you want for christmas?" He asked suddenly, after a distinctly uncomfortable pause, changing the subject.
"Oh, so then you've probably figured out--Christmas?" Were they not just speaking potions? A topic that she knew for a fact that Severus could go on about for hours? "You don't have to get me anything Severus." She said looking up at him trying to figure out where he chose that topic from.
"You say that now, but you would feel slighted if I showed up with nothing on the day" Severus said with a straight face, his earlier tension wearing off enough to let him relax into the conversation. If he squinted, he could almost claim to have teased Lily just moments before.

"Now, give me some insight into the workings of that Gryffindor mind, or you will have nothing but socks" he assured her in his loftiest tone.
"Severus, I don't want you to get me anything." She said smiling. "And even if you do get me anything, I'd have embrace you afterwards and I know you won't like that. You might as well save yourself now."

"She wants to know what you like." Lily stated randomly. Going over the sentence in her head, she rephrased it. "Mum, she wants to know what you enjoy eating. "
"What I...? Oh. Ah... anything, really" Severus replied, blinking. He'd never been asked what he enjoyed eating before.

"I had rhubarb in a pie, once" he said carefully, gauging her reaction. "It was... quite good"