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naveevan in hoggiewartsrp

An interesting talk between Evan and Regulus

Who: Evan and Regulus
Where: Slytherin common room
Rating: PG? PG-13? lol... Just a mentioning of something you don't really want to know.

Evan: *curled up on a couch, half asleep*

Reg: *comes into the dorm after class* *drops his bag on the floor* *sits on the arm of the couch* Sleeping so early in the day?

Evan: *blinks blearily up at him* I'm not asleep... *eyes close again and he sinks further into the couch*

Reg: Right. You're just resting your eyes then? Checking for light leaks, etc?

Evan: *makes mumbly noise that could be agreement*

Reg: *yawns* I can see that. Were you up late last night, too?

Evan: A bit... *rolls over, forgetting he's on a couch, and falls onto the floor. swears*

Reg: *smirks* Maybe your bed is a better place to lay down than the common room couch.

Evan: *nods, rubbing his eyes* To be fair, I wasn't intending for that to happen when I first lay down there.

Reg: Fair enough. I'll probably take a nap before dinner myself. Long night.

Evan: *nods* Doing homework, I'm guessing?

Reg: Yeah. Awful Potions assignment that I brilliantly put off until the last minute.

Evan: *looks up at him in surprise, then finally gets off the floor and sits back on the couch* Even studious Regulus leaves things to the last minute?

Reg: *scowls* You can bet I won't be doing that anymore. I got distracted, that's all. I'm all caught up now.

Evan: *grins* Alright, alright. But it's not such a bad thing, yeah?

Reg: I know better than that. My essay was definately not what it could have been. *shakes his head* But it's all finished now. What about you? Why so tired?

Evan: *cheeks go slightly red* Ah, just had trouble sleeping, you know how it is.

Reg: *raises an eyebrow* Oh?

Evan: Yeah. *smiles more reservedly than usual*

Reg: Well, as I have no problems falling asleep, maybe you can enlighten me as to how this happens?

Evan: You don't? Oh, well, mainly just thinking about stuff will do it.

Reg: What kind of "stuff"?

Evan: *noticeable lack of eye contact* You know...anything, really.

Reg: Anything in particular?

Evan: *little mind thinks fast* I think I thought about a new camera I saw in Hogsmeade in the weekend and some point..

Reg: ...oh? I didn't notice it. *lets the matter drop*

Evan: *relieved. wonders how he got into the mess in the first place* Yeah, it was pretty fancy. I'm not so good at photography, though, so it'd probably be a waste for me to buy it.

Reg: Probably. *is still so curious...* So, how are classes with you?

Evan: You know, same old thing. Teachers getting frustrated, me getting frustrated, me losing interest...

Reg: Just do your work and it'll alleviate alot of that frustration.

Evan: Nah, it's easier if I try to ignore it. Attempting it is the most frustrating part.

Reg: So... it's easier to deal with angry professors, and the personal frustration than it is to just do the assignments?

Evan: Yeah, well, I don't really care what the professors think, and my personal frustration mainly comes from my inability to actually concentrate or do a good job on the assignments even when I try. And it's jut boring. So yeah.

Reg: So then I take it you aren't all that worried about OWLs or anything? What are you going to do after Hogwarts?

Evan: Be a model *grin*. I don't think they look at your OWLs when you apply for that job. *laughs a bit*

Reg: That's really your plan?

Evan: Yeah *nods happily*

Reg: So then, what do you do after you're done modeling? That doesn't last forever you know.

Evan: *pause, pursing his lips, eyes going a bit wide, then shrugs* No idea. I'll think about that when the time comes.

Reg: You might want to come up with a plan before you get old and can't model anymore.

Evan: But that's ages away! I'll be a different person by then. I'm only fifteen - I don't want or need my life planned out just yet.

Reg: Fair enough. *shrugs*

Evan: *smile* So...I'm guessing you've got something planned for your future?

Reg: *shakes his head* Not quite. I have a few ideas, but nothing set in stone. I'll do as well as I can here, and see what my options are.

Evan: *laughs a bit* So there you are. You'll probably have lots of options, though. My uncle's always saying hard work couts for a lot in the workforce, and you've got it in spades.

Reg: I just like to keep my options open. I am curious about Unspeakables though. *smirks*

Evan: Wow...that's aiming high. Good luck.

Reg: *pauses lost in thought* I wonder what they do exactly...?

Evan: *twists his mouth in an 'I don't know' sort of expression* It'd suck if they ended up doing really boring things.

Reg: *chuckles* Yes, it would. But then, no one would know, would they?

Evan: *laughs* If you only care about the appearance of it, that could work.

Reg: Well, it'd be fun to know something secret like that. Something no one else knows. *shrugs* Or at least very few people.

Evan: So a secret's still fun, even if it's boring?

Reg: Of course.

Evan: *shakes his head, smiling* Can't say I relate to that one.

Reg: Well, I think it would be rather interesting. And I highly doubt that they're so secretive for no reason.

Evan: *shrugs* I sill maintain that even dangerous information can be boring.

Reg: *shakes his head* I'd have to disagree with you there. All information is interesting and important, no matter how minor.

Evan: Aah! That's why you love schoolwork so much! *looks like he's just discovered the solution to an impossibly hard riddle*

Reg: *blinks* Well, I suppose that's one reason.

Evan: There are others?

Reg: I don't know. I've never thought about it like that.

Evan: Okay. *shrugs* Let's not question it too much or it might die.

Reg: Yes, let's let that one go. But I am still curious what had you in such a state that you were up half the night.

Evan: *completely caught off-guard again. red comes back to his cheeks* Why do you care?

Reg: Because I rarely see anything affect you as much as this obviously is.

Evan: It's not a big deal, really!

Reg: And yet you still choose to hide it. *smirks*

Evan: *rubs his forehead. drops pretenses* One, it's personal, and two, you only think you want to know.

Reg: Oh no, now I'm quite sure I need to know. *raises an eyebrow*

Reg: Afterall, weren't we just going on about how important information is to me?

Evan: Need? This isn't...like...exciting Ministry stuff or some cool new potion to make your feet as big as sleighs.

Reg: Well, possibly not. But it is information that I'm not allowed to have apparently, and that is enough.

Evan: Oh, you're one of those, are you? Want whatever you can't have?

Reg: In this instance, sure. Let's go with that. But stop changing it around to me here. Something is bothering you to the point where you can't sleep.

Evan: It wasn't bothering me, just distracting me.

Reg: That's some distraction. Ruining your beauty sleep like that.

Evan: *rolls his eyes* I'm beautiful with or without sleep. But seriously. It's not a problem or anything. It's quite nice, actually. *mentally bites his tongue*

Reg: *confused* Nice? Missing sleep?

Evan: There are things better than sleep, aren't there?

Reg: No, well, I can't think of any... I rather like sleep

Evan: You'd like this better, I'd bet. *hangs head, wishing he had a zipper for his mouth*

Reg: *dying of curiosity* *tries playing it cool* I doubt it, I really like my sleep.

Evan: *shakes head, pressing his lips closed*

Reg: Sleep is fantastic. Just close your eyes and relax. Everything seems better after a good night's sleep.

Evan: *mumbles* Everything seems better after other things, too...

Reg: I don't know about that.

Evan: *rubs his temples* Merlin...why do you care?! *voice higher pitched than usual*

Reg: *blinks* You're getting pretty upset for something that's not a big deal.

Evan: Because you keep pestering me about it!!

Reg: Well, if you just tell me I wouldn't have to keep pestering you.

Reg: As it is, you should probably clear your schedule, because I'm not going anywhere.

Evan: *takes ten deep breaths but still sounds like he's about to throw a fit* Okay, I was having a wank! *said a bit too loudly. swivels around in his seat so his back's to Reg. folds his arms*

Reg: *flushes* You were, ah... Right. *clears his throat, stands and grabs his bag* I, uh... think I'm going to go get myself obliviated.

Evan: *voice dripping with frustration* I told you you didn't want to know.

Reg: Yes, well... I didn't think you'd really meant it. I'm just going to, uh... *points at the stairs* Right then. See you at dinner later? *nods* Right. *heads up the stairs to relative safety*

Evan: *sighs and sinks his head into his hands*


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