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Regulus and Evan in the Slytherin common room

Who: Regulus and Evan
Where: Slytherin common room
When: Before bed?

Reggie: *finishing up a potions essay before class tomorrow* *in the common room*

Evan: *sitting in a chair close to Reg, reading a magazine and humming quietly to himself*

Reg: *wishes Evan wouldn't hum like that* *finishes his scribbles and rolls up the parchment* *looks over at Evan, confused* Are you already done your homework?

Evan: *stops humming and looks up* Homework? Oh, right... Nope.

Reg: Well, don't you think maybe you should? I think you've already lost us plenty of points for missing homework.

Evan: *sigh* Do I have to? Can't I just make up some excuse?

Reg: Once in a while you can, but if you do it all the time they catch on you know.

Evan: That's true... I've got a lunchtime before the class it's due. I'll do it then.

Reg: You'll forget.

Evan: Nah, I'll do it *waves off the negativity*

Reg: *shrugs* *puts the rest of his books in his bag* Well, at least I'm done.

Evan: Good for you! *sighs wistfully* I wish I was done...

Reg: Maybe if you started on it sooner...

Evan: Nah *shrugs*

Reg: *gives up* Have it your way then. *leans back on the couch and sighs, finally able to relax now that his work is finished* You seemed to be having an ...interesting... time at the dance. What was that snowman about?

Evan: Oh yeah...that *frowns* didn't turn out how I expected. Snowmen are cold! And aggressive! Remus did warn me when he told me how to make one.

Reg: Yes, well... of course snow is cold.

Evan: *sigh* I really didn't think it through properly.

Reg: Apparently not.

Evan: It's not one of my strong points, as you'll have noticed. But how did your date go?

Reg: *small smile* It went rather well thank you.

Evan: Ooh *leans forwards* I like the sound of that. What happened?

Reg: Nothing. It was fine, just a dance anyway. Nothing terrible happened and so I am satisfied.

Evan: *nods* The absence of negative has to be positive. You went with Emmeline, right?

Reg: *nods* Yes, I did. What of it?

Evan:Nothing - she seemed nice when I met her.

Reg: *frowns, realizes that Evan isn't going to verbally attack him* Sorry, guess I've just gotten used to having to defend my choice is all.

Evan: Really? Because she's a Hufflepuff?

Reg: Mostly, yes. Severus wasn't too happy when I told him. And Evelyn's been making snide comments for days.

Evan: Well, good on you for not listening to them and going for her anyway.

Reg: *wonders if it's a bad sign that the only person that agrees with him is insane* Well... Thankyou.

Evan: No problem. Oh, and I'll bet they're just jealous anyway

Reg: I wouldn't be surprised. Afterall, I am a Black. Not everyone can come from my lucky background.

Evan: Yes, I'm not one for jealousy, but I can understand why someone might be jealous of you. What's it like, anyway?

Reg: It fantastic. *looks to the other side of the room, staring off* Knowing that you're better than so many other people. Getting practically everything you want.

Evan: *laughs* Sounds great! And I thought I had it good.

Reg: *wry grin* Yes, it's wonderful.

Evan: *even he picks up on this* Oh? I understand there's always a downside.

Reg: I -- *stops, realizing he let too much emotion show* No, you misunderstand. I'm just tired, been doing this essay for hours now. *shrugs* Sorry, not much for company right now.

Evan: *brightly* No way - you've been great. *hasn't forgotten about the show of emotion but can take a hint*

Reg: *smirks* You're pretty easy going aren't you? However did you manage to get sorted into this house?

Evan: Who knows? I'm perfect! *laughs* No, actually, I'm quite selfish.

Reg: *can't argue with that and won't bother trying* Most people are.

Evan: I think I'm a bit worse than most though. Some people are always thinking of others! I find it quite hard...

Reg: Well, the problem wtih thinking of others all the time is that you forget to take care of yourself. *shakes his head*

Reg: It's good to be a little selfish i would think.

Evan: Yeah, I'm not bothered by it. I know I'm not perfect but I think that just makes me better *grins*

Reg: *smiles* Well, I'm better get going. Class in the morning and all. *stands* Have a good night Evan

Evan: You too! *waves goodbye then goes back to reading his magazine*

Reg: *goes to bed*