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caustic_prince in hoggiewartsrp

Who: Sev and Regulus
Where: 5th year Dorm, Slytherin
When: Late afternoon, 6th February
Rating: TBA
Complete: No

Anyone with a less precise memory would have been hard pressed to tell you what color Severus's bedspread was as he sat on the bunk, legs folded beneath him indian style to make room for the parchment spread out around him. He bit his lip, hunched over a page that had only partially been covered in his scrawl, as he tallied up the figures. Arithmancy, much like Potions, was an exacting discipline, and Severus preferred to have all parts of the equation where he could see them, in order to ensure the overall result worked with each of its individual parts. 


Regulus climbed the stairs to the 5th years dorm and leaned against the open doorway.

"Hello?" He called out as he knocked on the wood frame, "Anyone home?"
"No." Severus replied shortly, not looking up from his papers at the interruption. He had work to do, the library was noisy, and... Merlin damn it all to hell. Studiously ignoring the other boy, he shuffled the parchment around enough that there was a space to sit on the edge of the bed, before he continued to write. The quill scratched on the paper, and Severus wondered how he was going to afford a new one - The owl feather wouldn't withstand too many more sharpenings.
Regulus walked into the room anyway, quite accustomed to Severus' lack of manners.

"Still doing homework?" He asked as he plopped himself down in the provided spot.
"Apparently" he replied dryly, finally looking up at his unexpected interruption. "Shouldn't you be doing the same?" The question was one of habit, rather than stemming from any real concern for Regulus's studies, so he didn't expect an answer.

Severus looked down at his work, up at Regulus who had by now insinuated himself on the bed, back down at his work, and with a sigh began to gather the parchment up into a single stack. "Enlighten me as to your reason for wasting my time?"
Regulus shrugged, "I've finished all of mine already," He replied happily. He watched Severus gather his papers together, "Well, to be honest I was wondering if you were going to bother going to that dance they're having. Figure maybe you'd be taking Evans?"
At the mention of Lily Severus looked up, startled, and fumbled the papers he was holding. His face flushed, and he glared at Regulus as he tried to pick them all up in order once more.

"It is not the sort of event I bother wasting my valuable time at" he mumbled, mortified as he wished fervently for some of that icy Malfoy distain.
"Mhmm," Regulus said, "Well, most of the school will be there, and it would probably be good for you to go actually socialize for once. Besides, I have to go, and it'd be nice to have another Slytherin there to talk to."
"Most of the school being in attendance is reason enough to avoid the wretched event, and I am not going for the sole purpose of entertaining you whilst your date procures drinks, to be otherwise ignored for the duration of the evening." Severus told the boy on his bed firmly as his usual acerbic vocabulary righted itself once-more.

His asking Lily was unthinkable - impossible, even, and besides, he didn't want to get dressed up and socialise. It sounded like the sort of thing they made you do in the seventh circle of hell, not at an educational facility.
"Not even if Evans wants to go?" Regulus raised an eyebrow, "Surely you would make an exception then, right?"
"She doesn't." Severus replied shortly, shooting an icy glare at Regulus. The matter was not open for discussion, and he wasn't lying - why would Lily want to go with him?

"How did you get roped into attending?" he asked after a moment of silence, in a bid to turn the conversation towards Regulus.
"Maybe if you asked her..." Regulus trailed off, "Well, I'll be asking someone to go with me, so..." Regulus shrugged.
Severus blinked at Regulus, not sure he'd heard correctly. "You mean to tell me that you're attending the dance willingly, and actively working to invite a girl?"

The prospect was almost too painful to contemplate with arithmancy still dancing through his head. Perhaps Regulus was no longer in possession of his right mind.
"Because she has you eating out of the palm of her hand, and saying 'Thankyou' like a lapdog" Severus replied bluntly, gaze unwavering.
"It's not like that," Regulus said with a grin, "I just like her. You know, when you like someone you want them to be happy? Ring any bells?" Regulus shrugged.

"Besides, you probably won't know her. She's not in our house, so I doubt you've had any excuse to talk to her."
"No." Severus blinked blankly, looking at Regulus as though he were slightly mad.

"And given that there are, at most, just under three-hundred pupils in this great school of ours" he added, eyebrow raised, "chances are I've heard the name"
"But you've only spoken to 10 people in the school total, and I doubt she was one of them," Regulus replied.
"You're counting?" Severus asked suspiciously, unable to immediately deny the accusation. "And what's wrong with her? Is she hideously deformed? Disgustingly popular? A Hufflepuff?"
Regulus looked over at the door as if distracted. "There's nothing wrong with Hufflepuffs," He said calmly, "Afterall, not everyone can be in Slytherin."
Severus gave him a flat look. "A Hufflepuff, Black? I would ask what you were thinking, but clearly that wasn't on the agenda."
"Oh, they aren't so bad," Regulus replied, "At least it I'm not pining after a Gryffindor."
"I'm. Not. Pining." Severus said through clenched teeth, looking furious. "Why does everyone think I ... that I... That is to say..." the heat began to creep up his neck once more, and he wondered how and when he'd become this awkward.

"I have homework. Either tell me who she is, or get out." He finally said, voice clipped but more controlled than it had been a few moments ago.
"That's why," Regulus said, "And it's Emmeline Vance. Maybe you've had classes with her?"

Regulus shrugged, "You really need to grow a sense of humor. Maybe there's a potion you could take for that?"
Severus shook his head, whether in response to the accusation or in answer to the question he wasn't sure. Perhaps it was both.

"And you need to learn self preservation" he muttered in return, rolling his eyes at his fellow Slytherin. How the hell had Regulus, sweet little Reggie, survived in the Snake's Den all this time?
"Self preservation?" Regulus replied, "I've had enough of that for the moment. I think I'd rather enjoy myself while I can. Merlin knows I'll be in for it when I get home."
Severus shook his head, unable to fathom how anyone could take so few precautions for their own safety. Regulus was right - he would be in for it, and how could some Hufflepuff girl be worth all that?